After much thoughts and processes, here we are with a vast number of flavours and 9 exciting ranges to choose from. You can have the richest and smoky tobacco vape as well as the most happening fun and flavour filled tropical fruits vape. Along with these oh so amazing flavours there’s no compromise on the quality and with the quality we offer prices that are not at all heavy on your pocket! Steepd is here to help along with having fun!

Love Your Coil(LYC)

Are you looking for a bunch of different flavours? with the absolute perfect flavour strength? stop right here! LYC is your spot. A range that offers a huge number of flavours in 50ml bottles and 50/50 PG and VG which is just perfect for all kinds of devices!

Fruit Drip

It's flavour drippin' Fantastic! You like mixing flavours? it's fun! right? Here's the perfect e-juice range for you! Fruit Drip offers the kind of fruit blends that just compliment eachother so well. These e-liquids come in 100ml bottles with 70/30 VG and PG ratio. inhale flavours exhale clouds!


We all have loved slushies, right? just know that cool slush is the better version of our slushies. The right cool hit along with flavour! give you senses a flavour full wake up hit! These e-juices come in 50ml bottles.

Nic Salts

Oh we know how much ex-smokers and vapers love these. who doesn't like a good throat hit, right? these Nic Salts come with amazing flavours and 20mg Nic strength in 10ml bottles. These will help you the best through the quitting journey and after that.

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It's your time to stock up Steepd goodness. We're here to provide you the best, flavourful and fun e-liquids in the very best price. Let's trade steepd goodness and grow together!


The pssst sound when you open a bottle is exciting, right? here's that fizz with fruity flavours and a bunch of clouds. The perfect way to go on everyday. Hiss e-liquids come in 50ml bottles and 70/30 VG and PG! have some powerful fizzy flavour!


Your way to the tropical land. The collection of some juicy fruits directly squeezed in these e-liquid bottles so no matter what season you can enjoy still enjoy beach! Because my friend, the beach is just a puff away! These e-juices are available in 120ml bottles and in 70/30 VG and PG! Have a juicy puff!

Nasty Pastell

Fruits dropped straight from heaven into these e-liquid bottles. Yes! Nasty Pastell is a range filled with the juiciest and the most powerful flavours to give you an epic all day vape! These e-liquids are available in 120ml bottles and in 70/30 VG and PG.

Steepd Orignal

The range that has simply amazing flavours to cater a huge audience. you want tobacco? you'll find it here you want bubblegum? you'll also find it here. From the strongest to the lightest, all kinds of flavours.

Starter E-Liquids

Why Choose steepd

The thought behind giving life to Steepd is to provide support every smoker in their already so hard quitting journey. But, the difference between us and others is that we do it the fun way! We want this journey to be as easy, flavourful, fun and smooth as it can be.

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Steepd is here to partner up with retailers so we can spread the steepd goodness everywhere. For queries just contact - We welcome you to be a part of our mission!

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